(Note: Hovering your cursor on these words will pause this marquee).....The Day after Camp 2016 our hearts are swelled with thanks to God for turning hearts and lives to Him at the altar several nights. We can't thank Director Debbie Sanderson enough for her sacrificial leadership while undergoing chemo. Please keep her in your prayers. Many thanks also to the staff for their wonderful work and ministry. Three youth and one adult expressed intent for studies at Biblical Life Institute. Two of BLI's students were Youth Supervisors at Camp. We are excited about the additional volunteers on the Camp Planning Committee and what God has in store for next year......The 2016 Dates & Locations for Events and Executive Board Meetings are on the Community menu.....Look in the forum titled AEC Meetings & Events Calendar
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It's likely the Lord has directed our paths to cross and so we hope your time here is helpful and informative.

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Scott Freer has volunteered to maintain the Association website. If you would like info on your event posted here please forward it to... scott@scottfreercomputer.com
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The editor of our newsletter Vicki Pasterick felt she had to pass the Messenger on to someone else. She did a wonderful job on it and we are very thankful for the professional job she did. Recently, Association website administrator Bill Tipton agreed to take over the Messenger, so we ask the churches and ministry event directors to begin forwarding material and content to Pastor Allen or Joan at revayoung@hotmail.com. One idea for churches would be to take a cell phone picture of their bulletin and email it. One could also hand write activity announcements, or births, birthdays, anniversaries, or passings, and take a cellphone photo of it to send. This actually works well since these pictures can be zoomed to view. Please pray for Bill and his wife Laura at this time though, as Bill is in the hospital with a reoccurrence of a paralyzing condition he once had. Pray that he will go into remission again and be discharged.
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