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It's likely the Lord has directed our paths to cross and so we hope your time here is helpful and informative.

Who Are We?

The Association is a not-for-profit incorporated 501(c)3 organization founded in 1981 by former Evangelical United Brethren Churches in Northcentral Pennsylvania, USA. Today it is composed of independent, evangelical churches, organizations, and individuals for whom it organizes an annual slate of events that enrich the spirit and unite for outreach.

What is Our Doctrinal Background?

Positioned in the Wesleyan-Arminian camp of theology, the Association agrees with two primary scriptural interpretations of John Wesley and Jacob Arminias. With Wesley we agree that God desires all believers to move from infancy to maturity in Christ through a full consecration of oneself to God and baptism by the Holy Ghost. We agree that this baptism does several things in the believer's life. It fully develops the fruit of the Spirit; empowers to love God and people selflessly with all their being; educates in God's truth and emboldens to share it fearlessly in the world; and equips with gifts to serve one another in the body of Christ.

With Jacob Arminias we agree that people by God's grace can realize their sin as an obstacle to God, and of their own free will exercise faith to believe God will save them through His Son Jesus Christ.

How Are We Organized?

The Association Executive Board oversees annual ministry events and provides administrative assistance to churches when requested. The Board is amenable to the Annual Conference of member churches and ministers. The Association Board of Ministry assists churches with pastoral search and transitions, and spiritual guidance. It also provides training, credentials, and ordination to individuals for Christian service.

The Association respects each member church's independence. As churches consider membership they are often relieved to discover the Association's by-laws prohibit making any claims of ownership on churches. Also, the Association exercises no authoritative control over churches, nor imposes any financial requirements on them. Each church's financial support is voluntary and self-determined. Presently, all support funds AEC and missionary ministries, as Association officers and ministry event staff serve voluntarily.

Churches, Christian schools, Camp Associations, and para-church organizations considering membership may want to arrange for the Chairman of the Association to come and meet with Boards or Members for a more comprehensive presentation of the Association. As long as they do not presently belong to another denomination, membership application is simply by a letter mailed to the Association Chairman stating they passed a vote to request membership in a meeting duly announced to members two weeks in advance. The letter must also state agreement with the Association's doctrinal statement. In addition, it is also very helpful if the letter is accompanied with historical, doctrinal, and by-law documents for review by the Executive Board and/or Board of Ministry..

Chairman Rev. Allen Young, is available to present the Association to Boards or congregations in special meetings or Sunday services. See the Contact menu above to set up arrangements.
The Association's Board of Ministry received approval at the recent Annual Conference to convert its method of ministry training for licenses and ordination to a seminar-based training program. Board of Ministry Chairman Rev. Richard Weagraff will be heading up a curriculum committee and appointing teaching professors for the seminars.


We would like to welcome a new organization into the membership of the Association. KP Duty is a ministry team of singer Kathy Henry and speaker Pam Nelson. They are based in the Smethport/Port Allegany, PA area. Kathy and Pam have ministered in several churches and in Honduras and Ecuador. They are currently with P.U.M.P. ministries in Africa, ministering to orphans and in Ladies retreats. See more on them in the February 2014 issue of the Association Messenger.


Don't forget churches, your input is what makes the Messenger newsletter what it is. Forward your church's activities and items of interest to our editor Vicki at: Vicki@Pasterik.com or mail it to her at...The Association Messenger, c/o 1456 Sample Flats Rd., Corry, PA 16407. Submissions for each issue are due by the 15th of July, September, November, January, March, & May.
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